Vinoran Alliance ™  

Is an alliance of selected Tour Operators and Travel Agents, who are assisted by the most up-to-date and cutting edge technology systems. While creating the most inexpensive tailor made programs, their aim is to meet travelers’ needs and preferences and generate growth in their own source markets

Vinoran Alliance

What is the Vinoran Alliance  all about?

Vinoran Alliance

Seized on the latest technology developments and the growing needs, as they have been expressed by Travel Agents. The need for one single booking engine, providing a comprehensive global portfolio of travel components and travel packages, bookable in real-time and based on Net Rates. These Net rates will allow Travel Agencies to determine their own margins, put together their own holiday packages, and make them less dependent on the ever-decreasing commissions from traditional Tour Operators.

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IX Transformer:

Experience the technical tools provided by IX Transformer ™ in order to transform your daily workflow of operations with a few clicks from: incoming, outgoing, pre-packaging, dynamic.

Suitable for: wholesalers, bed bank, tour operator, hotel chain, airliner, transfer companies, travel agency network.

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Night2Stay ™ the ultimate wholesaler. Apart from this, you can let your partners upload their rates through our system, to be shown on your website.